Dear investigators,

We are delighted to inform you that the IMMUcan project is now fully up and running.

IMMUcan is a European integrated immuno-oncology profiling platform. IMMUcan will generate broad molecular (WES and RNAseq) and cellular profiling data (multiplex IF and IMC) of tumour and microenvironment from cancer patients. Integration of this information with clinical data, will promote understanding on how the immune system and tumours interact, and the impact of current therapeutic interventions. ​

IMMUcan project was officially launched in the presence of IMI representative and the 29 consortium partners mid of March 2019. Recruitment is authorized at SPECTA clinical sites since the 27th of May 2019 for nine different cohorts over 5 tumour types (Thorax, Head & Neck, Breast, gastro intestinal, and genito-urinary).

As of the 22nd January 2020, 109 patients were screened and 49 patients are confirmed to be fully eligible. This project needs to recruit 3000 patients in total; therefore, we are now looking forward for your contribution as SPECTA clinical sites to recruit patients in the cohorts opened for IMMUcan.

IMMUcan is a unique opportunity for sites to contribute to the cancer research in Immunology European-wide. The project also include the following direct outputs for participating clinical sites:

  • For all patients eligible in IMMUcan, you will receive for free a molecular report with clinically relevant molecular alterations within 6 weeks from patient inclusion.

  • The project will pay all shipment costs as well as a fix amount per patient recruited to compensate the cost of collection of biological material.

  • Please check the website for the full list of benefits for clinical sites.

All project operational and scientific workflows are now in place to generate outstanding scientific output from collected clinical data and samples, and we are now counting on your active participation.

More information on the project, sample requirement, project partners and outcome for this project can be found on the SPECTA website.

Should you have any question about joining SPECTA, please contact

Sincerely yours,

The EORTC team

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